Plain English for patients

Clear and comprehensible outpatient letters are of vital importance for safe healthcare – and they should be addressed to the patient


Why you need an MDO

As a junior doctor, you may believe that NHS indemnity provides all the help and support you need should you run into professional difficulties. But what about all the things it won’t help you with?


Is reality TV too risky?

MDDUS often hears from members seeking advice about engaging with media producers. What are the risks involved?


Taking possession

From Alzheimer to Zenker, Dr Allan Gaw explores the world of medical eponyms


Career: Go with your gut

A career in gastroenterology promises to be diverse, exciting and satisfying


Lost in translation

Overcoming communication barriers with patients can be challenging. Dr Naeem Nazem looks at the pitfalls of Google Translate and other solutions


A blueprint for happiness

NHS Entrepreneur Dr Abeyna Jones explains how her quest for a satisfying career inspired her to launch her own business

Case study

Failure to communicate

...Mrs W had undergone a hysterectomy through a previous caesarian section scar and serous fluid is now leaking from the wound...


Book review: Blueprint

Book review by Dr Greg Dollman

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