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We are a mutual, not-for-profit defence organisation founded by and for healthcare professionals. Our dentists are experts in the dento-legal field.

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MDDUS membership offers support and discounts throughout your student career.

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Free elective cover

If you’re going on elective, either in the UK or abroad, it’s important to arrange your indemnity. As a UK based student member you can register for FREE worldwide elective indemnity which will provide you with a range of benefits for the duration of your placement, including access to assistance with:• university fitness to practise (FTP)• medico-legal issues• Good Samaritan acts.To apply for elective indemnity, please download and fill in the application form below. Or, simply contact our team with details of when and where your elective is taking place. (Please note indemnity is not available for elective work in Australia.)

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Advice and support you can trust

MDDUS membership provides access to professional and legal advice and support all year round, across the UK. And even if you choose to leave, or life takes you beyond the UK, you’ll still benefi t from our support if you’re facing issues related to something that happened while you were a member.

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Excellent advice from the specialist advisers. Better than the other defence organisations.

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