HR and employment law advice and support

Our in-house HR and employment law advisory service provides expert guidance on good practice as well as free advice to employers experiencing problems with employment matters. We also offer a legal representation and indemnity (LRI) package.

Helping you manage employment issues

MDDUS members can contact the team for advice and best practice guidance on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Problems related to repeated or prolonged absence
  • Recruitment and selection advice
  • Disciplinary and grievance issues
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    Access to a wide range of fact sheets, with information on important employment  matters
  • Sub-standard or ongoing performance matters
  • Managing a redundancy situation

Contact the helpline

The MDDUS in-house HR and employment law advisory helpline is free and fully accessible during core hours, 8am-6pm, for MDDUS members who are employers and practice managers.

HR and employment law factsheets

The MDDUS HR and employment law advisory team have compiled a number of factsheets covering a range of topics including contractual changes, managing performance and grievance issues.
Members can access these by logging into their MDDUS account at the top of the page and then clicking on 'my account'.

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