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The COVID-19 pandemic and staff wearing beards

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been reports that some primary care staff are being asked by employers to remove their beards; indeed, this has formed the subject of numerous calls to the MDDUS advice line in recent days and weeks.

Safe working and delegation in difficult times

MDDUS advice on working within competence and safe delegation during the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus COVID-19

Questions to MDDUS and our answers in regards to the most recent developments.

Remote consulting in the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has given GP practices little choice but to change the ways in which they normally operate – and one key approach is increased utilisation of online, telephone and video consultations.

Engaging with the media

Read our advice on what to do if you are contacted by the media.

The care of transgender patients by GPs

GP practices must stay up-to-date with the relevant laws, professional guidance and contractual requirements relating to the care and treatment of transgender patients.

Parental responsibility

Parental responsibility refers to the rights and responsibilities that parents have in law for their child/young person, including the right to consent to medical treatment and access medical records.

Confidentiality - children and young people

The age of absolute consent is generally regarded as being 16 years, but even a child under age 12 may still be able to understand and make rudimentary decisions about how their personal information is used and shared.

Confidentiality - core principles

An overview of the core principles of patient confidentiality

GDPR - breach notifications

Explore the key points around breach notifications under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

New member feature

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