Crystal ball Article

Viewpoint: A lifetime perspective

MDDUS chief executive Chris Kenny explores the importance of having a lifetime perspective to provide the best possible advice and support service to our members.

Man looking at smartphone Article

Professionalism: Pitfalls in social media use

Risk adviser Kay Louise Grant highlights the importance of being aware of professional expectations on how we behave online

Headset on laptop Article

Advice: Recording telephone consultations with patients

Organisations often now record telephone calls to monitor quality control and for training purposes. But do you adequately inform patients of this – and what about data protection?


Advice: Responding to online criticism

One of the potential downsides of social media is negative online reviews which can stray into abuse. What are the options in dealing with unfavourable online comments?

Xray brain signals Article

Innovation: Digital biomarker to help diagnose epilepsy

Publications editor Jim Killgore explores the promise and challenges of a new potential diagnostic tool for epilepsy

Peter McDonald close up Article

Profile: Taking aim

Insight chats with surgeon and recently retired MDDUS board member Peter McDonald on the recent publication of his insightful and entertaining memoir, A Doctor’s Aim

Galen - Wellcome Collection Article

Feature: How the physician to the gladiators became the father of modern medicine

Allan Gaw tells the story of Galen, the legendary doctor who changed the face of medicine

Hospital drip Case study

Case study: Iatrogenic stroke

...Mr A questions why a blood-thinning drug was prescribed to a patient clearly at risk of stroke...

Woman writing on paper Case study

Case study: Serious clinical incident statement

...Dr P is unsure of what to write and is worried about being criticised for her actions in caring for Mr L...

Pills on a table Case study

Case study: Patient buying medication online

...Dr A is advised that she should not let Mr G coerce her into prescribing medication that she does not believe is appropriate or serves his needs...

White pills on dark background Article

Dilemma: Off label request

A patient has asked me to prescribe a drug that I'm not familiar with and is not licensed for use in their condition. What should I do?

Derry Girls Channel 4 Article

Ethics: A girl I used to know - on Derry Girls and ethical development

Professor Deborah Bowman watches hit TV series Derry Girls and reflects on the way our values and ethical principles develop from childhood to adulthood.

Hybrid Humans book cover Article

Book choice: Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Book review of Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Prof John T Shepherd Article

Vignette: John T Shepherd (1919-2011)

Leading figure in cardiovascular physiology.

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