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Safety netting

SAFETY netting is now considered a core component of GP consultations but should not just be a means of passing diagnostic uncertainty onto the patient.

  • 28 June 2016
  • Risk alert

Prepare now for changes in data protection

DATA protection laws in the UK are to be tightened up under new regulations and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is advising organisations to start considering the implications now.

  • 27 May 2016
  • Risk alert

Saying sorry

A recent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report highlights reluctance among some healthcare professionals to offer a sincere apology to patients when something goes wrong.

  • 27 April 2016
  • Risk alert

Relational continuity of care

THE benefits of a patient being consistently managed by the same clinician are undoubted - but is true continuity of care still possible in a hard-pressed NHS?

  • 30 March 2016
  • Risk alert

Filling service gaps

Employing a locum or agency clinician to fill service gaps can cost more than you realise without some preparation to reduce potential risks

  • 29 February 2016
  • Risk alert

Abuse in prescribing

Easy access to prescriptions and medicinal products can prove tempting for some clinicians looking to "self medicate" – but be in no doubt that abuse of prescribing is taken very seriously by the GMC

  • 27 January 2016
  • Risk alert

Deviating from clinical guidelines

Clinical guidelines are not statutory codes - clinicians must use professional judgment in applying the principles to each unique situation they encounter.

  • 23 December 2015
  • Risk alert

Complaints from grieving relatives

SENSITIVITY and tact are key when responding to complaints from grieving relatives, and clinicians must resist the urge to react defensively.

  • 30 November 2015
  • Risk alert

Text messaging patients

ISSUING patient reminders or alerts can be a time-consuming task for practices which is why many are turning to texting - but there are risks to consider before clicking "send".

  • 28 October 2015
  • Risk alert

Telephone consultations

TELEPHONE consultations can be a valuable and convenient clinical tool for both GPs and their patients - but MDDUS urges caution in routine use.

  • 25 September 2015
  • Risk alert

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