Patient purchase power

Personal health budgets aim to give patients greater control in managing their care – but are they fair and effective?


Risk: Opioid prescribing risks

Opioid addiction has reached crisis proportions in the US – but UK prescribers also face increasing risk.


The art of medicine

Dr Allan Gaw offers examples of how art can be used to enrich medical education


Calling time on bullying

Insight chats with ST6 surgeon David Riding about a high-profile RCS Edinburgh campaign to stop bullying in surgical training and beyond


Humans like us

Dental adviser Sarah Harford considers the role human factors can play in clinical error


Dilemma: Alleged prescription fraud

OUR PRACTICE has received an anonymous letter informing us that a patient has been selling his prescription medicine


Ethics: How should a person be?

PROFESSOR Deborah Bowman reflects on how practice makes perfect, even in ethics


Book choice: Breaking & Mending

Book review by Dr Greg Dollman


Vignette: Frederick Akbar Mahomed (1849-84)

Key figure in understanding essential hypertension

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