Briefing: The state of indemnity

CEO Chris Kenny offer an MDDUS take on Government plans for state-back indemnity for GPs in England


Risk: Altering patient notes

CLINICAL notes are accepted as an important record of the encounters between medical or dental staff and their patients. Altering them in a less than honest or straightforward way can result in serious consequences.

Profile: An eventful year

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard talks to Adam Campbell about her first 11 months as Chair of the RCGP and what keeps her going


Clinical risk: Diagnosis unforthcoming

How do you approach patients with medically unexplained symptoms? Professor Chris Burton offers some insights


Dentistry for the whole patient

Professor Nairn Wilson looks at the opportunities and challenges for dentistry in the shift towards holistic healthcare


Dilemma: Disputed consent in a minor


Ethics: Unexpected field work


Book choice: Your life in my hands


Vignette: Charles Stent

English dental surgeon who gave his name to the medical device

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