Personalised prevention

FROM taxing milkshakes to a new levy on tobacco firms, the latest in a series of government health strategies has been published. Joanne Curran investigates.


Risk: Research trial pitfalls

Potential legal difficulties involving medical trials can range from participant complaints to more serious allegations of fraud. Ensure that you're research ready


A question of gravity

Adam Campbell looks at the challenges of human space flight and how related research is benefiting healthcare on Earth


Checklist equals lives saved

Surgical mortality in Scotland has fallen by 36 per cent in the last decade. What’s made the difference?


The cost of perfection

Dental adviser Doug Hamilton looks at some common pitfalls in cosmetic dentistry.


Ethics: On Courage - a work in progress

PROFESSOR Deborah Bowman reflects on finding the courage to speak up


Book choice: Heart - a history

Book review by Dr Greg Dollman


Vignette: Marjory Warren (1897-1960)

Pioneering British geriatrician

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