First steps to a digital NHS

Ambitious plans have been announced to transform healthcare technology – but are they achievable?


Risk: Detached but personal

IT can be tricky remaining detached from patients on a personal basis, particularly for GPs who often have longstanding clinical relationships with individuals and families


A new 'normal'

Dame Clare Marx – the first woman chair of the GMC in its 160-year history – discusses some of the many challenges facing the regulator and UK healthcare


Don't 'go it alone'

MDDUS advisers are here to assist members at the outset of complaints, claims and all regulatory matters. Not seeking assistance at an early stage can have far-reaching consequences


Consent: Do me a favour

DENTAL complaints tend to arise when expectation exceeds outcome. Dental adviser Mike Williams examines a common pitfall in patient consent.


Dilemma: Covert recording made public

A patient records a GP consultation and posts it on Facebook


Ethics: Socratic scrum

PROFESSOR Deborah Bowman observes how rugby - and rugby officiating - can inform ethical decision-making.


Book choice: Unnatural causes

Book review by Dr Greg Dollman


Vignette: James McCune Smith (1813-1865)

First African-American to obtain a medical degree

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