Paying a high price

The rising cost of claims is a concern to all those involved in medical defence work, and in this issue, risk adviser Cherryl Adams reports on the types of claims that tend to be most costly


A matter of judgement

Deborah Bowman presents some thought-provoking insights into the ethics of judgement


Taking a forward view

Professor Maureen Baker speaks about the challenges facing general practice and the highlights and frustrations of her time as Chair of the RCGP


Changing faces

Adam Campbell learns how this innovative charity is working to make life more manageable for people with facial or other disfigurements


The right to choose

A patient refusing treatment can present a difficult ethical dilemma. Medical adviser Dr Greg Dollman examines options and obligations in such cases


Pathways in sight

Dr Mark Wright champions the use of a unique set of diagnostic algorithms for non-specialists faced with common ophthalmological complaints


Treating the fearful child

Paediatric dentist Fiona Hogg offers advice on dealing with dental anxiety in young patients


Vignette: pioneering family planning practitioner and sex therapist Helena Rosa Wright

Allan Gaw recounts the life and career of this unconventional physician

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