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Call log

These cases are based on actual calls made to MDDUS advisers and are published here to highlight common challenges within dental practice. Details have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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Practice management: Dressing the part

Employment law adviser Janice Sibbald offers advice on what is and isn’t appropriate work attire.


Advice: Who needs a mentor?

Dental business coach Alun Rees looks at the value of having a mentor.


Practice matters: Keep complaint records separate

How organisations go about resolving patient complaints will vary depending on the circumstances - but one often overlooked aspect is documenting such matters


Tackling the backlog

How should dental care providers tackle the huge backlog of treatment? MDDUS dental adviser Moira Duncan advises a tailored strategy to manage demand.


Conflict with colleagues – nipping issues in the bud

Mediator Owen Bubbers-Jones shows how simple, tested tools can help nip any conflict in the bud.


Responding to online practice criticism

Risk adviser Kay Louise Grant offers advice on handling unfavourable online comments.


Pitfalls in composite bonding

GDP and clinical lecturer Stephen J Bonsor gives some tips on avoiding potential problems with composite bonding


No man’s land - the pioneering women of WW1

Author Wendy Moore on the story behind her book celebrating the ground-breaking WWI “suffragettes’ hospital” at Endell Street, London

Case study

Case study: Slow healing socket

...the socket is still very inflamed after several weeks, so the dentist prescribes more antibiotics...

Case study

Dental case study: Adverse comment

...the patient writes an online review accusing the dentist of being incompetent and rude...

Case study

Dental case study: Dental insurance cover

...Ms D is not happy that her dental payment plan doesn't cover the restorative treatment she needs and accuses the dentist of mis-selling...


Dilemma: Covert recording made public

A patient covertly records a dental consultation and posts it on social media. Is this within their rights?


Ethics: Lessons learned - ethical and educational

Professor Deborah Bowman becomes a student again and reflects on the ethical context of how we as individuals meet and treat aspiring clinicians.


Book choice: Recovery – The Lost Art of Convalescence

Review of book by Gavin Francis


Vignette: Elsie Widdowson (1906-2000)

Pioneering nutritionist who developed and tested wartime rations

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