Briefing: An endless weekend effect?

“Evidence does exist to support a ‘weekend effect’ but the real question is how do you tease out the causes and come up with an appropriate response."


Risk: Can reflective practice be “incriminating”?

ALL healthcare professionals today are actively encouraged to engage in reflective practice but some MDDUS members have expressed worries that taking part in formal procedures might "incriminate" them should a complaint or claim arise.


Candour and colleague concerns

Doug Hamilton draws a distinction between the duty of candour and raising concerns over patient safety in dental practice

Profile: Doctor at the deep end

Jim Killgore chats with Dr Peter Cawston – a GP at the coalface of health and social care integration in Scotland


Dilemma: How do I respond to a non-compliant patient wanting a repeat prescription?

HOW do you respond to a non-compliant patient wanting a repeat prescription? Dr Gail Gilmartin offers some advice.


Is human tissue data?

Can our tissue be owned or traded? Allan Gaw considers an ethical conundrum


Ethics: Asking why

The ‘why’ of our behaviour reminds us what matters in a profession and a clinical encounter


Book choice: I contain multitudes


Vignette: Sir Archibald Edward Garrod

Allan Gaw looks at the career of the clinician credited with the discovery of inborn errors of metabolism

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