Crystal ball Article

Viewpoint: A lifetime perspective

MDDUS chief executive Chris Kenny explores the importance of having a lifetime perspective to provide the best possible advice and support service to our members.

Man taking call on headset Article

Call log

A range of common - and not so common - queries from GPs and practice managers.


Practice management: One of my employees is pregnant – what do we both need to do?

Employment law adviser Janice Sibbald offers advice on the responsibilities of both employer and employee during pregnancy.

Redacted email Article

Advice: Redacting sensitive information from health records

Patients will soon have digital access to their GP health records. Risk adviser Alan Frame offers advice for practices on redacting records in real time.

Buds on a branch Article

Conflict with colleagues – nipping issues in the bud

Mediator Owen Bubbers-Jones shows how simple, tested tools can help nip any conflict in the bud.

Friends talking Article

Informal advice or crossing a line?

There has been a growing trend of doctors being asked for, or providing their professional opinion outside the clinical setting, such as on social media platforms. So is it okay to give advice in this way? Medical adviser Dr Roopinder Brar offers practical advice.

Graphic showing a row of people Article

Professionalism in action: tackling the waiting lists

The pandemic has had a significant impact on waiting times for healthcare across the country. Insight editor Dr Greg Dollman explores the part doctors can play in tackling this issue, and the importance of managing it in a compassionate way.


Responding to online practice criticism

Risk adviser Kay Louise Grant offers advice on handling unfavourable online comments.

Galen - Wellcome Collection Article

How the physician to the gladiators became the father of modern medicine

Allan Gaw tells the story of Galen, the legendary doctor who changed the face of medicine


Wellbeing: No healthcare without self care

Susannah Basile discusses the work of charity Doctors in Distress.

Medicines fridge Case study

Case study: Vaccine error

...Dr M administers the vaccine but later realises he has given the patient the wrong one...

Defibrillator Case study

Case study: Inappropriate DNACPR request

...Mr J asks his GP for a DNACPR order despite having no underlying condition that suggests he is near the end of his life...

Man holding groin Case study

Case study: Persistent swelling

...the patient says the pain in his testicle returned after the antibiotic course and he now worries it may be cancer...

White pills on dark background Article

Dilemma: Off label request

A patient has asked me to prescribe a drug that I'm not familiar with and is not licensed for use in their condition. What should I do?

Derry Girls Channel 4 Article

Ethics: A girl I used to know - on Derry Girls and ethical development

Professor Deborah Bowman watches hit TV series Derry Girls and reflects on the way our values and ethical principles develop from childhood to adulthood.

Hybrid Humans book cover Article

Book choice: Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Book review of Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Prof John T Shepherd Article

Vignette: John T Shepherd (1919-2011)

Leading figure in cardiovascular physiology.

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