Crystal ball Article

Viewpoint: A lifetime perspective

MDDUS chief executive Chris Kenny explores the importance of having a lifetime perspective to provide the best possible advice and support service to our members.

Man taking call on headset Article

Call log

These cases are based on actual calls made to MDDUS advisers and are published here to highlight common challenges within dental practice. Details have been changed to maintain confidentiality.


Practice management: One of my employees is pregnant – what do we both need to do?

Employment law adviser Janice Sibbald offers advice on the responsibilities of both employer and employee during pregnancy.

Someone walking on a broken wooden bridge Article

"VUCA” – and the secret to surviving in uncertain times

Dental Business Coach Alun Rees shares some insight into surviving during Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times.

Man looking at smartphone Article

Professional pitfalls in social media use

Risk adviser Kay Louise Grant highlights the importance of being aware of professional expectations on how we behave online.

Dentist photographing a patient Article

Clinical photography: know the risks

Clinical photography is a common feature of dental practice – but are you aware of the risks? Dental adviser Neena Manek offers advice.

Airport traveller Article

Dental tourism: picking up the pieces

Travelling overseas in search of the perfect smile has become a growing trend. But what are dentists' obligations regarding patients who have sought dental treatment abroad? Dental adviser Moira Duncan explains.

Ghassan Radi with a patient and caterer Sam Article

Helping homeless people smile again

Dr Ghassan Radi talks about his pioneering project providing dental services to the homeless community

Patient with dental trauma Article

Pitfalls in the management of dental trauma

How confident are you in treating patients who present with dental trauma? Restorative dentistry specialist Aws Alani offers practical advice.

Veneer tooth Case study

Dental case study: Exercising clinical judgement

...the dentist has concerns about the orthodontist's recommended treatment but the patient demands she carries it out...

Dental tools Case study

Dental case study: Fractured tuberosity

...The claim alleges that Ms R should have been given specific warnings regarding the risk of a fractured tuberosity...

Woman holding painful jaw Case study

Dental case study: Persistent gingival swelling

...Mrs L, a smoker, presents with painful swollen gums, bleeding and swollen lymph nodes, and the dentist suspects periodontal infection...

Galen - Wellcome Collection Article

Feature: How the physician to the gladiators became the father of modern medicine

Allan Gaw tells the story of Galen, the legendary doctor who changed the face of medicine

Derry Girls Channel 4 Article

Ethics: A girl I used to know - on Derry Girls and ethical development

Professor Deborah Bowman watches hit TV series Derry Girls and reflects on the way our values and ethical principles develop from childhood to adulthood.

Hybrid Humans book cover Article

Book choice: Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Book review of Hybrid Humans - Dispatches from the frontiers of man and machine

Prof John T Shepherd Article

Vignette: John T Shepherd (1919-2011)

Leading figure in cardiovascular physiology.

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