Pricing freeze on dental indemnity

Pricing freeze on dental indemnity

As dental inflation continues to rise, we are pleased to be able to support our members by freezing our membership rates.

Now is a great time to join MDDUS

As a mutual organisation, we continuously look for ways to invest in our membership and support them during these challenging and unprecedented times.

This is why we have frozen our indemnity fees for 2022 for over 80% of our dental members.

Now is a great time to join MDDUS.


Benefits of membership

As you may be considering changing or joining a dental defence union, by joining MDDUS, you will:

  • Speak with qualified dental advisers
    Always speak to a qualified dental adviser when unexpected professional difficulties occur. Our dental advisers are part of a team that has over 100 years collective experience - averaging 5-15 years per adviser
  • Responsive
    Retrospective coverage - this is included dating back to when you joined MDDUS or five years, the longer period of the two will apply
  • Advice and representation
    Advice and representation for disciplinary matters, GDC proceedings and CIs/FAIs including all legal support
  • Trusted
    Vicarious liability for practice owners who own and work in a single practice
  • Member wellbeing
    Gain access to a confidential and free health and wellbeing support service called YourHalo. YourHalo: Emotional Wellbeing is available 24/7 to all our members and ensures that someone is always available to talk to, with experienced healthcare practitioners able to offer help and support for dealing with life's challenges
  • Lifelong assistance
    Lifelong assistance for incidents that occurred during your membership - even if you are no longer with us when the matter comes to light

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