Across the UK, our GDP and dental principal members trust us to provide 24/7 advice and access to professional indemnity, vicarious liability, support and guidance from our expert dento-legal teams.

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Benefits of membership

As a dentist, you have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure you have appropriate, lifetime indemnity for your professional practice. MDDUS members have access to a range of market leading benefits including practice owner grade vicarious liability and retro cover.

  • Free access to a confidential support and counselling service – YourHalo: Emotional Wellbeing. The service is available to support MDDUS members 24/7 and provided in partnership with healthcare rm
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    MDDUS provides vicarious liability for practice owners who own and work in a single practice
  • MDDUS provides occurrence-based indemnity. This means that you are eligible for assistance for all events that occur while you are a member, regardless of when an actual claim is made. You will enjoy the full support of the MDDUS even if you have moved abroad, ceased clinical work or retired
  • Advice from professionally trained advisers and representation from leading dento-legal lawyers
  • Competitive subscription rates and continuity of support – benefits travel with you, wherever you’re based across the UK
  • Access to professional indemnity against claims which arise from the practice of dentistry
  • HR and employment law advice provided by our in-house team of experts available to GDP principals, associates in Scotland, and PMs within Practice Schemes in relation to their employees
  • Lifelong assistance for incidents that occurred during your membership - even if you are no longer with us when the matter comes to light
  • Advice and representation for disciplinary matters, GDC proceedings and CIs/FAIs including all legal support

On the rare occasion I've looked for help, it's been excellent and readily available. I have advised several colleagues to join recently, which they have.

Member for 26 years, from Cumbria


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Open FAQs
  • How much would I be indemnified for?

    MDDUS membership provides unlimited indemnity. Unlike conventional insurance products, we don't have exclusions that can result in claims being declined or excess payments required. Close
  • I work for the NHS. Why do I require membership when I already have NHS indemnity?

    As a hospital doctor, you will be covered by NHS indemnity for work undertaken within your NHS contract. If, however, you were involved in disciplinary issues, General Medical Council (GMC)/General Dental Council (GDC) referrals, fatal accident inquiries or coroner's inquests, you would not receive any assistance. In situations like this, which can have a serious impact on your career and ultimately result in you being struck off, MDDUS membership provides you with access to expert support and advice. The MDDUS advisory and legal teams have years of experience and clinical knowledge from which you can benefit.

  • If I am referred to the General Dental Council (GDC) will the NHS offer me assistance?

    No. The NHS will not assist you if you're involved in a GDC matter. It's important to remember that the GDC has the power to suspend you, place restrictions on your practice, issue you with a warning and ultimately erase you from the register. With such potentially severe consequences, there are many advantages to having representation and assistance from the MDDUS whose focus will be to ensure that your case is dealt with fairly and efficiently.

  • What are the advantages of having assistance from the MDDUS at a fatal accident inquiry or coroner's inquest?

    Criticisms made at an inquiry or inquest can lead to a GMC/GDC or criminal matter being raised against you.  Due to the potential of such a serious outcome it is important to have the support and guidance of an MDDUS adviser who can advise you on how to conduct yourself throughout this formal, and often daunting, process. At MDDUS, we have retained some of the UK's leading medico-legal and dento-legal solicitors, which means we can instruct the best legal representation. As an MDDUS member, this representation is available to you free of charge.

  • What are the benefits of a mutual organisation?

    One of the most valuable benefits of a mutual organisation is that the MDDUS doesn't have shareholders and does not pay dividends to its members.  That means all the income generated by subscriptions is invested back into the organisation and member services, and in the maintenance of a healthy reserve to cover legal costs and claims.  This, coupled with our sound financial acumen, means that we maintain very competitive subscription rates and have built a financially strong organisation

  • What's the difference between occurrence-based cover and claims-made cover?

    MDDUS membership provides occurrence-based indemnity. This means that you are eligible for assistance for all events that occur while you are a member, regardless of when an actual claim is made. You will enjoy the full support of the MDDUS even if you have moved abroad, ceased clinical work or retired. Your estate will likewise be supported after your death.  Insurance products operate in a completely different way; they usually only guarantee protection if you are insured, both when the incident occurred and when the claim is made.  The crucial importance of this lies in the fact that medical and dental malpractice claims can be made several months or even years after the events that give rise to the claim.

  • Why should I choose MDDUS for my professional indemnity?

    MDDUS has been providing support and indemnity to medical and dental professionals for over 115 years. We pride ourselves on offering a quality, personalised service provided by our team of medico- and dento-legal advisers who are recognised as some of the leading UK experts in their field. Our members can enjoy the security and peace of mind which comes with receiving this high level of service at a competitive price. Our expertise has been invaluable in supporting our members when they need us.

    Over the past 10 years, MDDUS has successfully defended more than 75 per cent of claims notified and, in the rare event of a case progressing to trial, the majority of our members are successfully defended. In 2011 more than 96 per cent of GMC complaints were resolved without the need to progress to a fitness to practise hearing.

    We are proud to say that, in an independent survey carried out by market research firm GfK, MDDUS ranked highest of all UK mutual medical defence organisations for member satisfaction (online poll of 695 defence organisation members conduced by GfK, NOP May 2012; rating of satisfaction with overall services/resources provided).

    MDDUS also enjoys a superior rating from Dun & Bradstreet, the leading global business information provider, which further underlines the financial strength of our organisation

  • Will I be indemnified for any claims arising from my previous period of membership with my existing defence organisation?

    It is our understanding that your previous defence organisation will continue to protect you for time spent with them as a member, should any case arise after you leave them.  For your own peace of mind, you should confirm this with them.

  • Would membership indemnify me to work throughout the UK?

    MDDUS members are indemnified to work anywhere in the UK but not Gibraltar or the Falkland Islands. Should they wish to work in Guernsey then they should call our Membership Services team on 0333 043 0000 to discuss. Although we do not normally operate membership outside the UK, we do indemnify members for Good Samaritan acts anywhere in the world, which are not covered by any other indemnity or insurance arrangements.



Advice and support you can trust

MDDUS membership provides access to professional and legal advice and support all year round, across the UK. And even if you choose to leave, or life takes you beyond the UK, you’ll still benefit from our support if you’re facing issues related to something that happened while you were a member.

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