Primary care team protection - England and Wales

MDDUS provides advice and representation for non-GP members within the practice and primary care network, with a choice of two membership products

Benefits of membership

Practices and primary care networks have peace of mind that all non-GP staff are protected and can seek advice and support for the work that they undertake. Choose from two levels of membership: basic Primary Care Team Professional Advice Protection (PCT-PAP), or add enhanced Primary Care Team Regulatory Protection (PCT-RP). They provide the following range of benefits.

  • Advice and support to non-GP staff including practice nurses, nurse practitioners, advanced nurse practitioners, paramedics, physiotherapists, emergency care practitioners and administrative staff.

  • Advice and support with complaints relating to clinical practice indemnified by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) or General Medical Practice Indemnity (GMPI)

  • Register all regulated non-GP members of the practice team with MDDUS and apply for protection for non-regulated staff such as HCAs and phlebotomists

  • Initial consultation

    Enhanced PCT-RP membership provides access to assistance with regulatory matters for regulated non-GP practice members

  • Access to indemnity for regulated non-GP practice members for a range of non-NHS work undertaken on behalf of the practice including travel clinics, medicals, insurance forms, certificates and report writing

  • PCT-PAP is free when all GP partners are MDDUS members. Competitive prices are also available for practices where this does not apply

Our practice has had excellent support from MDDUS for both small and large issues. Thank you for your help when needed over the years.

Practice Scheme for 6 years, from West Yorkshire

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  • Which members of the practice team qualify for these products?

    The practice manager or other appointed representative of the practice can, with appropriate consent, register regulated non-GP members of the practice team. This extends access to advice and support with complaints in respect of clinical practice indemnified by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) and for access to indemnity for limited additional work listed under Primary Care Team Professional Advice Protection. Primary Care Team Regulatory Protection is an individual extension that provides Associate membership of MDDUS, giving regulatory protection to regulated clinicians who are not GPs. This is available only to clinical staff who are regulated by one of the following organisations:

    • NMC
    • Pharmaceutical Council
    • Health Care Professions Council.
  • Are these products automatically provided or is there an application process?

    Primary Care Team Professional Advice Protection (PCT-PAP) – providing access to advice and support, and indemnity for the work listed below - can be immediately granted to practice staff once we have received a completed PCT data capture form. Please note that within this form we do not require the names of non-regulated members of the team e.g. HCAs, plebotomists.

    Primary Care Team Regulatory Protection (PCT-RP) - following recipt of a completed PCT data capture form, we will email an online application form to those who wish to be considered for access to assistance with regulatory matters. Application forms must be completed even by individuals listed within a practice scheme or other scheme prior to the introduction of the state-backed indemnity schemes as they had not previously completed the underwriting process. Such Associate applicants will be subject to underwriting review based on incidents disclosed/work being undertaken. We will not automatically seek a letter of good standing (LGS) from their previous medical defence organisation, but the underwriting team may request this in some cases.

  • How does the PM notify MDDUS of the names of those who require these products?

    The practice manager must email the MDDUS membership team ( to request a PCT data capture form. Following that, those who require the regulatory product will be invited to complete our online application form.

  • Can the practice purchase assistance with regulatory matters only and not the advice, support and indemnity?

    No, this product must be purchased in conjunction with Primary Care Team Professional Advice Protection.
  • Do these products provide full membership of MDDUS?

    Those registered for access to advice, support, and indemnity (Primary Care Team Professional Advice Protection) will not become a member of the MDDUS. Those who apply and are accepted by MDDUS for the regulatory assistance will become Associate MDDUS members.
  • Can these products be backdated to the introduction of the state-backed indemnity schemes?

    Yes, we will provide access to these products retrospectively from 1st April 2019.
  • Only one of our GP partners is not an MDDUS member and as he is retiring next year he doesn’t want to change provider. Can we, therefore, quality for free access to advice and support?

    We require 100 per cent of the GP partners to be in membership in order for the fee to be waived. However, practices with more than five GPs in membership should contact the MDDUS membership team to discuss the matter.
  • Our PM/nurse/other non-GP is a partner in the practice, what membership category do they require?

    We offer independent subscriptions for practice manager partners and nurse/other regulated clinician partners. Please contact the MDDUS membership team on for more information.
  • Why do we need these products now that CNSGP/GMPI are in place?

    The state-backed schemes will offer all providers of NHS primary medical services with access to indemnity should a patient be awarded compensation. They do not, however, provide access to support, advice or representation for members of the practice team who are reported to their regulatory body.
  • Why did the MDDUS not offer these products before now?

    Originally we did not provide access to advice for individuals within the practice team as traditionally the practice manager calls on their behalf. We did not offer access to representation as we assumed that nurses, for example, would wish to secure this support from the Royal College of Nursing. However, in response to member needs, we have now developed and launched these products.
  • How often do I need to let you know if there are changes regarding who requires these products?

    It is important that you notify MDDUS, as soon as possible, to any changes in your non-GP regulated practice team. We are currently developing an online portal to assist practice managers with this task, launching autumn 2019.
  • Not all of my nurses want access to advice or representation as some are already with the RCN. Is it possible to buy cover for some and not all of them?

    Whilst the practice must register all registered staff for advice, support and indemnity (PCT-PAP), individuals may choose whether or not to purchase the enhanced product, PCT-RP, allowing representation with regulatory matters.
  • What are the next steps to secure cover?

    Should you wish to secure either of these products then the following steps must be taken:

    Step 1. Confirm that your non-GP regulated team only undertake duties listed below and within the aggregate income threshold of £1,000 per non-GP regulated registrant on the plan:

    • Travel clinic - travel advice and vaccinations
    • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc.)
    • Life insurance reports and medicals
    • Insurance claim forms
    • Private sick notes
    • Private certificates, e.g. fitness to attend court/sit exams etc.
    • Vaccination certificates
    • Passport countersignatures
    • Report writing (for NHS patients but non-GMS/PMS work), e.g. for court purposes.

    If they undertake duties not included in this list please provide full details, which will be shared with the MDDUS underwriting team to enable assessment of your circumstances.

    Step 2. Email the membership team to request a PCT data capture form which should be completed and returned.

    Step 3. Those requiring regulatory assistance will be sent an online membership form to complete.

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