GP Practice Scheme

Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man


Why create a GP Practice Scheme?

  • Protect your healthcare team and your patients.

    The GP Practice Scheme is an occurrence-based group indemnity solution for GP practices. Your GPs will benefit from a discounted rate on their individual indemnity membership with MDDUS.

  • Simple and efficient administration.

    A dedicated account manager, one centralised bill and a single renewal date for the whole group.

Who is covered?

The GP Practice Scheme also indemnifies your wider support team, including:

  • Practice Manager / Manager Partner

    Claims indemnity, expert advice and assistance membership grades. 

  • Nurse Partner

    Claims indemnity, expert advice and assistance membership grades.

  • Physician Associates

    Claims indemnity, expert advice and assistance membership grades

  • Pharmacists

    Claims indemnity membership grades

  • Paramedics

    Claims indemnity membership grades

  • Practice Nurses

    Indemnity against claims brought through vicarious liability.

  • Nurse Practitioners

    Indemnity against claims brought through vicarious liability.

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners

    Indemnity against claims brought through vicarious liability.

Features & Benefits

  • YourHalo

    A free confidential support and counselling service on hand 24/7 to help manage emotional wellbeing. 
    Available to all practice employees, including administrative staff

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  • Free supplements

    Enhanced benefits are available upon application for members that are part of the Practice Scheme. T&Cs may vary depending on region.

  • Initial consultation
    Risk management, training and CPD

    A wide range of risk-related and CPD accredited learning and development resources to help you and your team manage and mitigate risk

  • HR Support

    Expert advice, support and resources from our in-house advisory team. 

Optional benefits

  • Surgery insurance

    5% discount on surgery insurance, covering:
    - Premises
    - Contents
    - Employer’s liability
    - Public liability
    - Business interruption
    Insured and administered by NPAI Insurance Ltd.

  • Income protection

    25% discount for the first two years of income protection cover, designed for healthcare professionals..
    Insured and administered by PG Mutual.
    Terms and conditions apply.

Occurrence-based membership

An occurrence-based membership provides cover for alleged incidents which occur during the membership period regardless of when the claim is made.

This means that we would still indemnify you for an incident that happened while you were an MDDUS member, even if you are no longer an MDDUS member when claim is reported.

An occurrence-based membership ensures continuous cover, even after your membership has ended.

This is unlike a claims-made policy, which only covers you if your membership is active both when the alleged incident occurred and when the claim is reported. This could lead to a gap in cover for many reasons, such as if the GP Principal retires, the practice is dissolved or you just decide to switch indemnity provider. 


Click for answers to commonly asked questions regarding membership of MDDUS. 

Read FAQs
  • How do I set up a Discount Practice Scheme (DPS)?

    To set up a scheme for your practice, the practice manager should complete a copy of the online application form. Once this form has been processed, our Membership Team will e-mail the practice manager a reference number. The GPs can then use this reference number to complete the individual application online. Close
  • How can payments be made?

    Using the online application form, a direct debit can be setup to take payment in either one annual, four quarterly or 10-monthly instalments. All members of the DPS must agree on a common payment method, which will over-ride any current arrangements agreed with existing members. Please note, the direct debit must come from the one source, e.g. the practice account. Close
  • Some of the doctors within the practice are already MDDUS members, can they join the DPS

    Yes, current MDDUS members can be transferred into the DPS if their details are provided on the DPS application form. Any individual subscriptions paid beyond commencement of the DPS will be refunded directly to the member. And, any member not paid up to the DPS commencement date will be invoiced for subscriptions on a pro-rata basis, to take them to the required date. Close
  • Some of the doctors within the practice are not members of MDDUS, can they join?

    Yes, they can complete a membership application form once the practice manager has provided the MDDUS reference number. They must ensure that they complete and submit their application form before their existing indemnity/insurance cover expires as cover cannot be backdated. Close
  • When would payment be required?

    Payments can be made annually, quarterly or in 10-monthly instalments. Close
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    All of our GPs have different renewal dates with their existing indemnity/insurance arrangements. Should they wait until their current membership expires before they change over to the MDDUS?

    Membership of the MDDUS can commence at any time suitable to the individual. If, however, a GP wishes to join before the expiry date of their current indemnity/insurance arrangements they must ensure that this membership is cancelled prior to the date membership commences with the MDDUS.

  • Can the locums working in our practice join this scheme?

    No. As locum GPs are not employed directly by the practice they are not eligible to join the DPS. Close
  • Can the MDDUS cancel a GPs existing membership with their current MDO?

    All current indemnity/insurance arrangements with companies other than the MDDUS must be cancelled by the GP themselves, MDDUS cannot do this on their behalf. Close
  • Do other members of the practice team enjoy any benefits?

    The Discount Practice Scheme (DPS) provides vicarious liability for practice nurses, healthcare assistants, phlebotomists and all non-clinical staff including the practice manager. This is on the understanding that they are employed directly by the practice and are not seconded from the health board or health authority. We also expect that these individuals only undertake those duties for which they have the proper training and expertise and are delegated to them by the medical staff that employ them. In addition practice nurses within practices outside Scotland will be named within the practice membership certificate, thus providing confirmation that the work they undertake within the practice is indemnified through the partners’ membership of MDDUS. These practices will also have the opportunity to purchase indemnity for nurse practitioners and advanced nurse practitioners employed by the practice, as Associate Members. Please note, if you employ or engage staff, the courts may hold you vicariously liable for the negligence of those individuals. The law surrounding this principle is complex and is still evolving. Close
  • Does MDDUS indemnify our nurse practitioner(s)?

    MDDUS offers access to indemnity for nurse practitioners and advanced nurse practitioners within a DPS. There are separate arrangements for Scotland and the wider UK.

    Scotland: Where all partners in a practice are MDDUS members, we will indemnify nurse practitioners and advanced nurse practitioners.

    UK-wide: Nurse practitioners and advanced nurse practitioners may be added to the DPS as associate members.

  • Once the scheme is set up when will membership be renewed in future years?

    All members of the practice will now renew their membership together on one common date, which will be elected by the DPS administrator, with renewal being on an annual basis. Renewal documents will be sent to the DPS administrator prior to renewal. Close
  • What do we need to qualify for a DPS?

    All or the majority of GPs within the practice must join the MDDUS in-order that the practice qualifies for the benefits of a DPS, as set out in the Benefits of Membership section. Close
  • What happens if one of the doctors leaves the practice permanently or has time away for maternity leave etc?

    As all subscriptions are paid on an annual basis in advance, it is imperative that the MDDUS is advised of any doctors leaving the practice. Any subscription paid by the practice on behalf of the doctor who is leaving will be refunded pro-rata to the practice. At the same time we will correspond with our member to ascertain future membership requirements. Common reasons for leaving a group scheme are maternity leave, retirement, long-term sickness or moving to another practice. Please note that practices paying by an instalment plan will have their repayment amounts adjusted to take into account anyone leaving or joining the practice. Close
  • What should I do if a doctor joins the practice?

    When a doctor joins the practice it is necessary to include them on the practice scheme by asking them to complete the online application form. If the doctor is not an existing member of MDDUS they are required to complete a membership application form before their existing indemnity/insurance cover expires as cover cannot be backdated. Close

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