Effective conversation: Nipping interpersonal issues in the bud

Taking place on Friday, 11 October between 9.30am and 12.30pm, this interactive workshop is designed for doctors, dentists and other clinical staff – in any healthcare environment

This interactive Zoom course is designed to support doctors, dentists and members of the clinical team to manage interpersonal issues effectively, in the context of ever busier and more challenging clinical environments.

Participants will be invited to bring their substantial experience to bear, as we learn, listen and reflect in a mutually supportive, confidential and creative space.

Course Learning Objectives

  • To understand the differences between needs-based conversations and positions-based conversations, as well as identifying the benefits of having needs-based conversations.
  • To better understand the ‘lens’ that we each use to interpret the words and behaviours of others and how this can impact our own attitudes and behaviours towards others.
  • To effectively use core communication tools including asking open questions, summarising and sharing constructive feedback.
  • To develop new practical approaches and ways of thinking regarding current interpersonal challenges within one’s place of work.

This course will be hosted by one of the MDDUS advisory team and delivered by our training partner, Owen Bubbers-Jones. Owen is a conflict management and training specialist, supporting ambitious organisations to develop an internal culture of collaboration, growth and mutual trust.

A certificate detailing verifiable CPD will be provided by MDDUS to all attendees.

Course Fee: 

MDDUS medical member: £75
MDDUS dental member: £75
Non-member: £110


Alternative date:

Wednesday 24 July 2024 at 9.30am | Eventbrite


To take part in this workshop:

  • You must be able to access and join a Zoom meeting from whatever device you choose to use.
  • Participants require a PC or laptop which has either a webcam and microphone integrated (or attached). Alternatively delegates can use a tablet/phone (although some functionality may be unavailable and you may not be able to see all delegates).
  • Participants must be willing to share their names and webcam with other participants whilst attending the workshop. 
  • The Training & CPD team at MDDUS will email you joining instructions to attend the course of your choice a few days before the event. 

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