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Altering clinical records – do’s and don’ts

Clinical records should be made contemporaneously - but there are occasions when it's reasonable to alter an existing record

  • 30 December 2022
  • Risk alert

Are you delegating safely?

Clinicians can delegate responsibility for a task but not accountability

  • 22 November 2022
  • Risk alert

Burnout risks patient safety

There is a well-established causal relationship between reduced clinician wellbeing and increased patient safety incidents - and the rise in the incidence and severity of reported burnout is concerning

  • 31 October 2022
  • Risk alert

Adding “violence warning markers” to patient records

It may be tempting to add a warning marker or alert to aggressive patients' records, but MDDUS urges caution

  • 30 September 2022
  • Risk alert

Don't get caught out on indemnity cover

You wouldn't drive a car or go on an expensive holiday without insurance, so it's vital healthcare professionals don't practise without appropriate indemnity cover in place. 

  • 31 August 2022
  • Risk alert

Unwanted advances

How would you deal with the difficult situation of a patient making romantic advances? Risk adviser Kay Louise Grant offers advice on maintaining boundaries with patients.

  • 29 July 2022
  • Risk alert

Patients having treatment abroad

A gradual easing of travel restrictions with the fall in serious Covid-19 cases may be welcome news but it does present challenges when patients seek treatment abroad and then present with complications back in the UK.

  • 30 June 2022
  • Risk alert

Recording telephone consultations with patients

Organisations often now record telephone calls to monitor quality control and for training purposes. But do you adequately inform patients of this – and what about data protection?

  • 29 April 2022
  • Risk alert

Redacting sensitive information from health records

Patients in England will soon have digital access to new data entries in their health records, meaning GP practices will have to redact sensitive or potentially harmful details in "real time"

  • 31 March 2022
  • Risk alert

Keep complaint records separate

How organisations go about resolving patient complaints will vary depending on the circumstances - but one often overlooked aspect is documenting such matters.

  • 28 February 2022
  • Risk alert

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