Risk Bites - episode 2

MDDUS has created a series of podcasts encompassing a range of common risk topics in general practice.

Click on the audio player below to listen to episode 2 of our Risk Bites podcasts hosted by Jamie Smith, Creative Director at Enterprise Screen, focusing on a fictitious 51-year-old patient, Mrs Roberts, who is diagnosed with breast cancer by her GP.

Our MDDUS advisers consider the scenario in two very different practice settings. Mrs Roberts presents with the same complaints across a very similar timeline in the Grey practice and in the Rose practice. In both practices Mrs Roberts' case has the same clinical outcome but, as we discover across the series, each find themselves in very different positions when they must respond to the patient’s diagnosis as it progresses from an adverse incident, to an NHS complaint, a claim of negligence and lastly a referral to the General Medical Council.

Read the medical records for Mrs Roberts' treatment at the Grey practice and at the Rose practice.

Episode 2

In this second episode of our Risk Bites series, Gail and Liz explore how each of our two practices (Rose and Grey) could respond to the complaint from Mrs Roberts' husband, with her consent. The Grey practice clearly made an error, for which they must apologise, but although the Rose practice can demonstrate good clinical care via their clinical records, this does not necessarily make it easier to respond. If they do not respond well, their complaint records, investigations and responses could come under scrutiny from the Ombudsman.

Click here to read Mr Roberts' complaint letter

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