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...The elderly woman is admitted to hospital with atrial fibrillation when doctors discover there has been a prescribing error...

  • 23 December 2011
  • Case study

Lost and found - medical case study

...Dr B suspected the data stick had gone missing a week before it was found but didn't report it...

  • 30 November 2011
  • Case study

Hard to swallow - dental case study

...Mr F drops a small metal instrument which slips down the patient’s throat. He finishes the root treatment and then immediately refers Miss D to hospital with a note explaining what has happened...

  • 28 October 2011
  • Case study

A call regarding a sick child - medical case study

...a neighbour drops by and looks in on Sara and notices a large purple mark on the child's leg. She advises Mrs P to call an ambulance immediately...

  • 27 September 2011
  • Case study

A bad trip

...the patient's wife explains he had been bitten by mosquitoes after he'd stopped taking the anti-malarial medication...

  • 26 August 2011
  • Case study

Unreasonable behaviour - medical case study

...the patient's son disagrees with the doctor about his father's condition and becomes aggressive...

  • 27 July 2011
  • Case study

Case of the month - Ointment overuse

...There was no evidence to show that the patient had been advised on the proper use of the medication or its side-effects....

  • 29 June 2011
  • Case study

NHS or private treatment

...The dentist agrees to treat her on a private basis as is standard with all non-registered patients to the practice attending on an emergency basis...

  • 24 June 2011
  • Case study

A matter of consent

...afterwards the patient complained that she had not agreed to undergo the type of procedure the doctor had carried out...

  • 27 May 2011
  • Case study

Folic acid only

...with pregnancy not explicitly ruled out in the notes, it becomes a case of his word against the patient’s...

  • 15 April 2011
  • Case study