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Matters of fact

...No explanation was provided as to why the facts as presented by the patient, Ms F, were so much at odds with the practice notes...

  • 22 December 2008
  • Case study

Claim over missed diazepam

...Mr B was a drug addict and claimed that on the first day of admission to the prison the doctor failed to issue a prescription for the diazepam being used to treat his addiction...

  • 19 November 2008
  • Case study

Ingested instrument fragment- dental case study

...Despite the lack of physical injury to Mr K and a generally friendly and apparently unconcerned attitude on his part, a claim for compensation was intimated...

  • 01 September 2008
  • Case study

Needle stick accident - medical case study

...the patient's son was found sitting on the floor of the consulting room with his hand in a sharps box...

  • 01 August 2008
  • Case study

Index of suspicion

...More calls to the surgery and deputising service resulted in additional advice to buy a cough medication and Bonjela for the oral lesions. Mr D later found his wife collapsed in the bathroom and phoned for an ambulance...

  • 01 July 2008
  • Case study

Depot error

...Mrs B was prescribed a contraceptive injection but was given an anti-inflammatory drug by mistake...

  • 01 June 2008
  • Case study

A needless expense

...Two further letters were ignored at which point the solicitor instituted court proceedings against Mr L to force disclosure...

  • 01 May 2008
  • Case study

Priapism - failure to refer

...The GP's failure to refer Mr K led to a 96 hour delay in treatment and resulted in permanent damage to erectile tissue...

  • 01 April 2008
  • Case study

Lost for words

...Mr V claimed he asked specifically about complications, risks or side-effects of the procedure. Mr A had replied that there was no risk as it was a simple operation done with a laser through the mouth...

  • 01 March 2008
  • Case study

An unnecessary procedure

...he was at fault for first accepting the referral from the GP without having the necessary expertise and for opting for circumcision without sufficient cause... other more conservative options should have been considered...

  • 01 February 2008
  • Case study