Briefing: Can we achieve a self-care revolution?

EMPOWERING patients is viewed by many as a crucial step to delivering sustainable, personalised healthcare fit for the 21st century.

Risk: Antibiotics - damned if you do

CERTAIN things are sadly inevitable every winter, including the increase in patients presenting in GP surgeries with sore throats, earaches, sinusitis, colds and other flu-like illnesses – but also the upsurge in demand for antibiotics.


Interview: Winter all year round

The NHS has faced unprecedented pressures this winter. Insight asks the president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Tajek Hassan, what is needed to put the service on a more secure footing


Feature: My child, my choice

Allan Gaw recounts the famous Gillick case and events leading up to a landmark decision on medical consent in children


Enhancing your dental CPD

A new system for CPD was rolled out to dentists in January and here GDC policy manager Jessica Rothnie answers – why the change?


Dilemma: Burnout imminent

I AM a GP working increasingly long hours at the surgery and still falling behind. What should I do?

Ethics: Under pressure

ETHICAL practice is never more remarkable than when it occurs under pressure.


Book choice: Admissions


Vignette: Henry Norman Bethune

Physician, innovator and political activist

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