Managing sepsis in adults

Blood infected with sepsis bacteria
Help support road sign Practice management

Managing poor performance

How can you support your team to ensure they perform at their best?

Data protection keyboard Record keeping

Accessing patient records – when is it ok? When is it not?

GPs and their teams are allowed to access records to provide direct patient care – but what if you need to look at a record for another reason?

Man taking call with telephone headset Advice

Call log

A range of common - and not so common - queries from GPs and practice managers.

Man with fist Risk

Adding “violence warning markers” to patient records

It may be tempting to add a warning marker or alert to aggressive patients' records, but MDDUS urges caution.

Compliance cogs Risk

Probity – the hidden pitfalls

Even doctors who pride themselves on being open and honest at all times can sometimes fall foul of the rules.

Making decisions Ethics

Hard choices – on difficult decisions

Professor Deborah Bowman reflects on the complexities of making difficult decisions.

Pills on a table Case file: Advice

Patient demanding diclofenac

...Mr G insists that the only effective medication to control his persistent joint and back pain is diclofenac...

Woman with abdominal pain Case file: Claim

Gut pain is claimed that Dr C neglected to adequately examine Ms R and failed to diagnose her appendicitis...

Young child with thermometer Case file: Complaint

Missed sepsis

...Ms B questions whether her baby's prolonged suffering could have been avoided if the GP had tested her urine...


The surprising history of medical defence

Allan Gaw explores some unexpected twists and turns in the story of MDDUS.

Dr Jane Elizabeth Waterston Vignette

Frank and fearless

Jane Elizabeth Waterston - Scottish teacher and the first woman physician in southern Africa.

NHS Find & Trace van Innovation

Real-time TB diagnosis on the street

An innovative mobile find and treat service on the streets of London is being enhanced with supercharged connectivity.

Red umbrella in amongst black umbrellas Risk

Don't get caught out on indemnity

You wouldn't drive a car without insurance, so it's vital healthcare professionals don't practise without appropriate indemnity cover in place.

Inclusive people graphic Viewpoint

A place of acceptance

Medico-legal adviser Dr Gordon McDavid offers a personal perspective on the workplace challenges facing LGBTQ+ healthcare professionals.


NHS England publishes blueprint to ease pressure on urgent services

30 January 2023

Black women in England more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancer

30 January 2023

CQC cuts back on inspections in response to “winter pressures”

27 January 2023

NICE advises staged withdrawal of antidepressants

19 January 2023

NHS England sees small drop in hospital waiting lists

13 January 2023

Declining patient satisfaction in maternity care

12 January 2023

Life-threatening emergencies prioritised on strike days

10 January 2023

MDDUS Updates

Scottish GDPs: ensure you check your email inbox

31 January 2023

Supporting members with temporary GMC registration – make sure you update MDDUS

31 January 2023

Protect your personal finances – with 20 per cent off*

30 January 2023

A quarter of junior doctors are victims of race hate at work

19 January 2023

MDDUS call to members - send us your photos

18 January 2023

Caring for your patients during industrial action

23 December 2022

One in three UK junior doctors are going hungry on shift

16 November 2022

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