Dental corporate cover

MDDUS Dental Corporate Clinical Indemnity (DCCI) provides corporate bodies with access to professional advice, representation and clinical indemnity for circumstances which arise out of the provision of dental treatment or care by, or on behalf of, the corporate body.

Benefits of membership

DCCI membership of the MDDUS provides the corporate body with access to a range of benefits.

  • Advice from professionally-trained advisers including representation from expert dento-legal solicitors

  • Assistance in respect of any prosecution of the corporate body under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 relating to any death caused by the corporate body’s provision of dental treatment or care

  • Access to professional indemnity against claims which arise from the practice of dentistry for which the corporate body has a vicarious liability

  • Advice on liabilities, duties and obligations as an employer in relation to employees who are not eligible for full membership of MDDUS

  • Assistance with complaints made against the corporate body or its directors and non-dental personnel in respect of the provision of dental treatment or care

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  • A named account manager will be appointed to ensure the smooth management of your membership

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Advice & Support

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