Regulators' joint statement and supplementary advice

Dental defence experts MDDUS has welcomed the GDC’s acknowledgement that the broad range of Covid-related challenges and difficulties faced by the dental profession should be considered formally when it investigates any concerns about a registrant

Stephen Henderson, head of dental division at MDDUS, said: “This is the right advice, at the right time. MDDUS’ dental members have faced tremendous personal, professional and financial challenges during the pandemic and it is reassuring that the GDC recognises these difficulties.

“MDDUS has regularly spoken out about the need for regulators to put in place processes which reflect the exceptional and unique circumstances our dental members have been working under.

“This is vital in order to address the stress and uncertainty that will inevitably be caused by investigations into actions taken during the pandemic. MDDUS believes that dentists and DCPs must have peace of mind that they will be treated fairly and proportionately in the regulatory process.

“The public recognition by the GDC of factors that can impact upon care during the pandemic including the challenges of wearing PPE, keeping up to date with new guidance, and the personal impact of the pandemic on dental professionals is welcome and timely.”

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