Early practitioner adviser

Get your dental career off to a flying start with free advice and guidance.

How we can help

The early days in dental practice can be daunting but MDDUS members working in Scotland can seek free advice and support from our early practitioner adviser. Laura McCormick, a practising dentist and experienced VT trainer, is on hand to provide recent graduates with educational support and insight into working life.

  • Free advice and support for members from an experienced, practising dentist
  • Find out about essential issues including NHS list numbers and treatment fees                      
  • Support to help you choose the right career path                 
  • Help to understand your associate agreement                     
  • Practical advice on what to expect from working life           
  • Support for dental members practising in Scotland who graduated within the past five years

I am in a position to compare how MDDUS supports members in trouble compared to other defence organisations. They're genuinely much more supportive.

Member for 26 years

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If you are a recent graduate, working in Scotland, and have any queries about starting out in dental practice, get in touch with Laura McCormick


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