RCGP faculty training day - Cockermouth

GPs can learn how to reduce risk in their day-to-day practice at an interactive training day led by MDDUS in partnership with the RCGP.

  • Event: Avoid Harm and Reduce Your Risk Day
  • Date: 13th February 2018 - 9am to 4pm
  • Venue: Hundith Hill Hotel, Lorton Vale, Cockermouth, Cumbria

Medico-legal actions against GPs are rising in frequency and as part of our internal governance MDDUS conduct ongoing analysis on member claims, complaints, and GMC cases to understand the most common and serious risks to which GPs are exposed. Over three quarters of negligence claims against GPs arise from failed or delayed diagnosis, or failures arising from repeat prescribing systems.

Over an interactive morning, delegates will learn more about why claims occur, what features of professional practice can assist in providing a robust defence if appropriate, and explore ways in which known risk can be mitigated. Anonymised case studies will be used to highlight risks and assist delegates in exploring how their own practice can be improved to reduce the risk of patient harm.

In the afternoon, the focus will be on understanding the recurrent and emerging pitfalls leading to GMC complaints, including the management of patient complaints, communication with patients, use of chaperones and the personal and practice use of social media.

A portion of the time will also be spent examining key areas of risk in confidentiality and emerging information governance risks related to advancements in technology, as these are two of the most frequent topics on which MDDUS are contacted for advice.

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