New GPs benefit from MDDUS and RCGP collaboration

NEWLY qualified GPs in their first five years after qualification are on course to make a combined saving of over £500,000 by the end of this year as a result of the partnership between MDDUS and the RCGP.

MDDUS and the RCGP have teamed up to offer a tailored occurrence-based indemnity package with a contribution to RCGP membership fees for those newly qualified GPs who seek the benefits of both organisations. The unique offer is available to new and current members of both the RCGP and MDDUS, with existing members benefiting automatically at their next renewal date.

MDDUS Director of Development David Sturgeon said: "We are delighted that since its launch in April, more than 800 newly qualified First5 GPs have already taken advantage of a 75 per cent contribution to RCGP membership fees, as well as a tailored occurrence-based indemnity product at a competitive price.

"As the number continues to rise, we anticipate a combined saving of over £500,000 towards RCGP membership fees this year alone for members. This partnership provides a new cost-effective route for new GPs to get all the benefits of belonging to two innovative and complementary professional bodies."

The discount will mirror the RCGP First5® programme and apply for the first five years following qualification. The overall savings could be in excess of £3,000 for each GP.

Mr Sturgeon added: "We are working together with the College to promote patient safety by helping to support and educate newly qualified GPs on areas of medico-legal risk. Members are able to take advantage of the vast resources on offer through MDDUS and RCGP education programmes, face-to-face and online learning.

"Furthermore, all members will have access to expert medico-legal advice from our team of highly-skilled advisers and lawyers.”

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