Doctors working with football clubs

MDDUS does not provide indemnity for doctors or dentists employed or contracted as a team doctor by football clubs in the English Premier League, Championship or Scottish Premiership.

If a doctor is independently contracted by a lower league professional football club to provide his or her professional services to players, then professional indemnity will be provided at the appropriate subscription rate.

Members dealing with professional football players should note that their professional and contractual relationship is with the player alone, with contractual arrangements and subsequent invoicing being directed to the player, no matter whether the member is subsequently reimbursed by the club or its medical insurers.

MDDUS may extend cover to include indemnity for overseas events to the travelling party only and providing any claim is made in a UK court and under UK law. Any claim made outside UK jurisdiction or under non-UK law will not be indemnified by MDDUS.

Members who work with sports professionals are encouraged to obtain a recognised qualification related to such work.

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