MDDUS risk training for RCGP faculties

GPs can learn how to reduce risk in their day-to-day practice at an interactive training day led by MDDUS in partnership with the RCGP.

This case-based session – Avoid harm and reduce your risk – focuses on key areas such as complaints handling, patient communication, chaperones and social media.

Delegates will learn more about why claims occur, what features of professional practice can assist in providing a robust defence if appropriate, and explore ways in which known risk can be mitigated. Anonymised case studies will be used to highlight risks and assist delegates in exploring how their own practice can be improved to reduce the risk of patient harm.

RCGP faculties across the UK can apply to host these training sessions, providing a venue, catering and laptop/screen. The MDDUS risk education team will provide speakers and learning materials at no extra cost.

Upcoming dates include:

  • 7th November 2017 - Cardiff
  • 12th December 2017 - Wrexham
  • 16th January 2018 - Wetherby
  • 7th February 2018 - Barnsley
  • 20th February 2018 - Edinburgh
  • 24th April 2018 - Gateshead

If you are interested in attending one of these risk days, contact your faculty to find out if an event is coming to your area.