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MDDUS learning materials and courses are designed specifically for members and their teams to use either on an individual basis or in a team-based session. Our aim is to highlight some of the most common medico- and dento-legal risk areas and offer guidance and practical advice on achieving best practice. Search our library by keyword or use the filters on the left to browse by training type and topic

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Clinical record keeping checklist

This checklist can help to review the way your practice manages the integrity and security of patient records, to ensure record keeping complies with General Medical Council guidance

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Complaints handling checklist

Use this checklist to review your current system for handling complaints, or as a good practice checklist when setting up a new process within your practice

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Chaperones - essential knowledge for working in general practice

This checklist provides a guide to the knowledge and training requirements for an effective chaperone in general practice and complements the ‘Chaperones’ checklist for managers and GPs

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Delegation to HCSWs or HCAs

This checklist can help decide which tasks are suitable for delegation to HCSWs/HCAs, mitigating some of the potential risks

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Consent checklist

This checklist can be used in your practice to review procedures for obtaining patient consent to support compliance with GMC guidance and mitigation of medico-legal risk

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Record keeping - workflow processes checklist

This checklist can be used by practice managers or GPs to review your practice processes for viewing and actioning patient results and hospital correspondence

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Dental records management checklist

This handy risk checklist will assist dental practices in ensuring they have robust systems and processes in place to manage their patient records

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Referring patients checklist

This checklist will aid your review of your current referral process and help ensure that it is as effective and safe as possible

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Incident reporting system checklist

Use this checklist to review your current incident reporting system, or as a good practice checklist when developing or implementing a new system for your practice

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Prescribing record

This checklist leads team members involved in a practice's prescribing system through the main risk areas related to managing prescribing records

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