A checklist on the processes and considerations for obtaining valid consent to dental treatment.

Newly added to the Dental Risk Toolbox, we aim to regularly update the Consent toolbox, so please do check back here often as we continue to produce the necessary key information that will be of benefit to our members.

  • Online course: Good practice on consent for GDP’s. This course is aimed at general dental practitioners and is designed to build on the dento-legal requirements, professional guidelines and regulatory frameworks associated with obtaining valid consent for treatment. It highlights some of the common pitfalls and takes around 45 minutes to complete. It includes a short assessment at the start and another at the end, so you can review your progress. On completion of the final assessment, you can print or save a certificate for your CPD portfolio.
  • Checklist: Consent. This checklist is intended to act as a health check and basic risk assessment of the processes and considerations for obtaining valid consent to dental treatment, including capacity and documentation.
  • Article: Consent - children. Once a young person reaches the age of 16 it is assumed they have the capacity to consent to their own treatment unless there is significant evidence to suggest otherwise.
  • Article: Consent - assessing capacity in adults. There are specific legal frameworks in each jurisdiction of the UK to support the treatment of adult patients who lack capacity to consent for themselves.
  • Article: Parental responsibilities. Parental responsibility refers to the rights and responsibilities that parents have in law for their child/young person, including the right to consent to medical treatment and access medical records.

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