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GDC publishes clarification on trainee dental nurses awaiting registration

THE General Dental Council has published a statement clarifying the status of dental nurses who have completed training and are awaiting registration.

  • 11 August 2023
  • News

Protect what matters most to you with a MDDUS Income Protection Plus policy

Protecting your income can give you a financial safety net if the unexpected happens to you.

  • 31 July 2023
  • MDDUS News
  • MDDUS Update

Safe telephone triage

Triage systems are now seen as crucial in managing the growing strain on primary care - but how can you ensure they are safe and effective?

  • 31 July 2023
  • Risk alert

Treatment cancellations cause major impact

A SURVEY of 1,084 people in England who have had NHS care either cancelled or postponed this year found that 39 per cent had experienced this two or more times, and 18 per cent on the day of or on arrival for an appointment.

  • 28 July 2023
  • News

NHS England plans for a challenging winter

NHS ENGLAND has set out preparations for a potentially challenging winter with plans for care ‘traffic control’ centres to speed up discharge, additional ambulance hours and extra hospital beds.

  • 28 July 2023
  • News

Case file: Right tooth, wrong patient

...the nurse called the next patient and only then did Dr G realise she had consulted the wrong referral letter and therefore extracted the wrong tooth...

  • 27 July 2023
  • Case study

Some children waiting over a year for dental extractions

A BBC report has revealed that children in some areas of England are waiting up to 18 months on average for teeth extractions under general anaesthetic.

  • 19 July 2023
  • News

Call for views on registration of internationally qualified dentists

A CONSULTATION on the registration of internationally qualified dentists and dental care professionals has been launched by the General Dental Council.

  • 14 July 2023
  • News

MDDUS responds to the Long Term Workforce Plan for NHS England

The long-term workforce plan for NHS England must not overlook today’s retention crisis

  • 30 June 2023
  • Press release

MDDUS celebrates Pride Month

Pride Month is a time to highlight our support for LGBTQ+ colleagues, members, friends and community by promoting LGBTQ+ rights and championing diversity and inclusion at MDDUS.

  • 30 June 2023
  • Press release

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