New research into menopause care

NEW research is to be carried out into menopause care as part of plans to update clinical guidelines, NICE has confirmed.

Independent experts will look for new evidence in a number of areas including the use of cognitive behavioural therapy to manage menopause symptoms, and the effects of hormone replacement therapy on overall health outcomes.

They will also investigate whether testosterone is effective in managing menopausal symptoms, beyond current recommendations for use in relation to altered sexual function.

NICE confirmed the aspects of menopause care that will be updated in upcoming guidance following a “surveillance and scoping process”. The new research will be scoped by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

NICE interim chief medical officer Dr Gail Allsopp said: “We are working at pace on this guideline update to ensure that its impact can be realised as soon as possible.”

Professor Lucy Chappell, CEO of NIHR, added: “We know that this topic is of high importance to many women and healthcare professionals, and this update should provide high-quality recommendations on best practice, not just on menopausal symptoms but also on wider health outcomes.”

Read the NICE guideline scope

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