New resources published on clinician exclusion

NEW resources have been published to support those deciding whether to exclude a doctor or dentist from their workplace due to performance concerns.

Medical and dental leaders can consult a range of materials from the Practitioner Performance Advice service (formerly NCAS) during the decision-making process.

NHS Resolution describes exclusion as "a short-term, temporary measure to remove a practitioner from their usual place of work until the nature and cause of a performance concern are understood and while an investigation is carried out".

The resources are designed to help with decision making, documenting and managing an exclusion, as well as sharing learning from 10 years’ worth of exclusion cases.

They were developed in consultation with a number of organisations, including MDDUS.

Dr John Holden, Chief Medical Officer at MDDUS, said: "Exclusion is by its very nature an emotive and stressful event for a doctor or dentist. We recognise that the safety of patients is paramount but support Practitioner Performance Advice in its aim to ensure that exclusions should be managed fairly, efficiently and compassionately."

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