NHS dental treatments in Scotland below pre-pandemic levels

DENTAL contacts and treatments in Scotland have not yet fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels, according to a report from Public Health Scotland.

The report also found that existing inequalities in access to dental services have increased in recent months.

The reported monthly median number of GDS (general dental service) treatments claimed during the most recent three month period was 71 per cent of the pre-pandemic monthly median for children and 62 per cent for adults.

Persistent inequalities in access to NHS primary dental care were also evident in the report. In a three month period from December 2021 to February 2022 the median percentage of the population that had contact with primary care NHS dental services was 3.4 per cent for the most deprived areas compared to 4.6 for the least deprived areas. The report found that the relative index of inequality (RII) was 27.6 per cent higher in the most recent three-month period compared to the pre-pandemic period.

See the report for more details on the impact of Covid-19 on the full range of dental treatments in Scotland.

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