Dedicated Yellow Card site for coronavirus treatments

A DEDICATED Yellow Card reporting site has been launched for medicines and medical devices used in coronavirus treatment in England.

The new site will enable the MHRA to rapidly identify new and emerging side effects and medical device incidents in COVID-19 treatment. This includes side effects for medicines taken by patients to manage long-term or pre-existing conditions.

All suspected side effects associated with any medicine used in patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should be reported to the dedicated platform.

At present, there are no vaccines and no medicines authorised to prevent or treat COVID-19 in the UK. However, several treatments authorised for other diseases are being used for some people with COVID-19, particularly in clinical trials. For patients in a clinical trial, MHRA said reporting of suspected adverse reactions should follow the trial protocol.

Non-COVID-related side effects from medicines should continue to be noted on the standard Yellow Card website. This can also be used for defective or falsified medicines and medical devices, including fake COVID-19 testing kits.

Clinicians in other parts of the UK are encouraged to report to through the relevant agencies.


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