DCPs reassured over annual renewal shortfall

DENTAL care professionals must submit their annual renewal to the General Dental Council by July 31 – even if they have a shortfall in CPD.

The regulator said DCPs who have been unable to meet the requirements for continuing professional development due to COVID-19 would not be penalised.

Figures show four out of five DCPs have already completed sufficient CPD. But the GDC acknowledged many have seen efforts “seriously hindered” by coronavirus control measures.

Those who have been unable to record enough hours have been advised to submit their annual renewal anyway, and they will be contacted by the GDC to discuss the issue. The regulator has said it will be "flexible in our response and will take account of the exceptional circumstances they have faced."

In addition to making their annual CPD statement, DCPs will also have to declare they have sufficient indemnity in place, and pay their annual retention fee (ARF).

GDC executive director of registration and corporate resources Gurvinder Soomal said: "We are very aware that annual renewal comes at a difficult time this year for DCPs, when many have been unable to work or have had difficulty accessing CPD.

"We have been clear that, if professionals have a shortfall of completed CPD hours due to COVID-19, they will not be penalised for this. For anyone in this position, you still need to make the statement and we’ll then be in touch to talk about next steps."

The GDC has guidance on annual renewal on its website.

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