GDC sets out revised principles for specialist listing

A CONSULTATION on the fundamental principles governing the GDC’s approach to specialist listing is now underway.

The GDC is seeking views on proposals to change the way it approaches three key areas:

  • Revised purposes for specialist listing, setting out what the GDC expects listed specialties to fulfil, and the criteria by which the regulator will determine which disciplines of dentistry should be listed.
  • Principles for the process of addition and removal of specialist lists.
  • Processes for maintaining accreditation on specialist lists.

Manjula Das, Head of Education Policy and Quality Assurance, said: "This consultation explores the key areas relating to our role in specialist listing and it represents a vital step in helping us to provide clarity and support the public and the profession in understanding specialties. The information we receive will also help us to future-proof our approach and improve transparency."

The consultation closes on 25 April. To provide your views on the proposals go to

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