Dentists ‘should be proud’ of inspection improvements

IMPROVEMENTS in dental practices inspected by the Care Quality Commission “should make the profession proud”, the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (FGDP UK) has said.

The CQC’s latest annual State of Care review shows that of over 1,300 practices inspected last year, the proportion requiring enforcement action dropped from two per cent to one per cent. The number needing improvement in specific areas (‘requirement action’) fell from 10 per cent to nine per cent, and the percentage meeting the required standards in all five key areas assessed rose from 88 to 90 per cent.

Ninety-two percent of practices re-inspected after being given requirement actions were found to have addressed the identified concerns, as had 80 per cent of those re-inspected following enforcement action.

All practices were again judged to be responsive and caring and 99 per cent considered effective, while the number deemed to require action on safe care dropped from four to two per cent. Practice leadership was highlighted as one area requiring improvement.

FGDP UK dean Ian Mills said: “General dental professionals should once again be extremely proud of the consistency with which they provide high quality care to their patients.

“Focussing on leadership and management remains the key to our profession making further improvements, and the value of practice managers is once again highlighted in this regard.”

He said the Faculty would continue to encourage an approach which promotes quality improvement rather than just quality assurance, and which minimises the stress and burden placed on practices.


State of care review

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