Free dental toolkit to support parents

A FREE toolkit for dentists to help make parents more aware of how to look after their children's teeth is available from Public Health England.

Only a limited number of 'Top tips for teeth' toolkits are available, so PHE is advising eligible dental practices to place orders as soon as possible (form password is: ttft). Only one kit per dental practice will be available to ensure fair distribution across the country.

Digital resources are also available in the PHE Campaign Resource Centre for use in dental practices, including TV screensavers and a short video. There is also a social media toolkit that contains images and suggested post copy to share.

This is part of PHE's updated Change4Life campaign, which includes tips for healthy eating for children, encouraging parents to choose low calorie snacks and cutting down on sugary foods and drinks. PHE has called for radical action to reduce the nation's sugar intake through measures ranging from lowering the recommended daily allowance to action on marketing, labelling, and sales taxes. 

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