CPD deadline approaching for 6,000 dentists

NEARLY 6,000 dentists are due to complete their five-year CPD cycle and must submit an end-of-cycle statement to the GDC no later than 28 January 2019 – but those wishing to apply for a "grace period" must do so by 31 December.

The grace period is intended for dental professionals who have failed to complete enough CPD within their cycle due to exceptional circumstances. Any application for a grace period must be submitted before the end of the CPD cycle, which falls on 31 December for dentists.

The easiest way to make the statement or submit a grace period application is via the regulator’s online portal, eGDC.

The GDC is also reminding all dentists to make an annual CPD statement, which is now required under new Enhanced CPD rules introduced in January 2018. The statement is due by 28 January 2019.

Check out GDC guidelines on Enhanced CPD, including a personal calculation which illustrates specific requirements for dentists transitioning from the old CPD scheme to Enhanced CPD. 

GDC executive director of Registration and Corporate Resources, Gurvinder Soomal, said: "It is extremely important to ensure CPD statements are completed on time or registration and the ability to practise dentistry in the UK could be put at risk."

"We encourage dentists not to leave it until the last minute."

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