Wales to get new gender identity service

TRANSGENDER patients in Wales will soon be able to access care services closer to home, health secretary Vaughan Gething has announced.

Currently all patients who present with gender dysphoria are referred to the London Gender Identity Clinic, where they are assessed and provided with a treatment plan.

But from the end of October, a new Welsh Gender Team will begin seeing patients, considerably reducing travel time and costs. In the meantime, a specialist GP will be available from next month to help patients in the Cardiff and Vale area who have experienced difficulty in accessing medicines recommended for them by the London clinic.

Mr Gething said there had been increased demand for transgender health services in Wales in recent years, prompting an annual investment of £500,000 to improve gender identity services in the country.

He said: “This announcement is a positive step towards the fully integrated service I expect to be in place next year. A specialist team in Wales will reduce both the distance of travel and, over time, the waiting times people in Wales currently experience.”

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