Online portal promoting child oral health

A NEW online portal providing resources on preventive oral healthcare for young children aged 0-2 years has been made available by the FGDP (UK).

The Starting Well Core brings together a range of new and existing resources in one place, with the aim of supporting the profession with training and materials to encourage parents to bring their babies to the dentist during the first year and to take preventive action to look after their children’s primary teeth.

It consists of learning materials, posters and patient information leaflets, and soon will included an e-learning package: Baby Teeth DO Matter.

Currently only one child in ten in England has an NHS dental check-up by the age of two, and a quarter of five year olds have tooth decay. The new portal is part of the Smile4Life initiative to reduce the incidence of early childhood caries and the number of young children undergoing general anaesthetic and emergency dental treatments for the removal of decayed teeth. It also complements the work of the Children’s Oral Health Improvement Programme Board, of which the FGDP (UK) is a member.

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