New guide to help stressed GPs

A NEW guide to help GPs tackle stress has been launched online.

The Vital Signs in Primary Care encourages self-awareness and a healthy work-life balance.

The free booklet, produced by the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF), lists common trigger points to look out for. These include lack of support at work, an under-staffed surgery, burnout and long working hours leading to sleep deprivation.

It also highlights a number of "current stresses in general practice", including increasing workload; fear of making a mistake/litigation; financial worries; and constant scrutiny, review and inspection.

It follows publication in March of their Vital Signs advice booklet for trainee doctors and forms part of their ongoing What’s Up Doc? campaign which aims to highlight the care and support the organisation offers to doctors who are working and living under increasing pressure.

MDDUS has supported the campaign and in May sponsored a roundtable debate in which a panel of experts explored ways of supporting stressed doctors.

RMBF chief executive Steve Crone said: “Doctors experience stress at work just like everyone else, but we know that many are afraid or unwilling to seek help.

“With this guide, we want to provide useful advice and information, but also to break the stigma associated with seeking support, and encourage doctors to come forward when they are facing stress and pressure in the workplace.”



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