New GDC language checks effective 1 April

ALL dentists and dental care professionals applying to join or return to the GDC register will have their proficiency in English language considered as of 1 April 2016.

This will apply to all dentists and DCPs including those from the European Economic Area (EAA) which are currently exempt from such checks.

The GDC has published details of how these new powers will be applied and also guidance on the types of evidence that will be accepted in demonstrating language proficiency. This will vary according to the circumstances of applicants but include:

  • A recent primary dental qualification that has been taught and examined entirely in English
  • A recent pass in a language test for registration with a regulatory authority in a country where the first and native language is English
  • Recent and continuous experience of practising in a country where the first and native language is English.

Dental nurses and dental technicians applying for registration and who qualified in a country where English is not the first and native language will also (as of 1 April) require an international English language testing system (IELTS) level of Level 7.

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