Postcode lottery for private dental check-ups

THE cost of a private dental check-up varies wildly across the UK, with prices in some areas up to 733 per cent higher than others.

A new survey suggests the cheapest private dental check-up can be found in London for £15 while the most expensive was £125 in Bristol. On average, Birmingham offered the lowest cost check-ups (£23) compared to an average £47 in Bournemouth.

The figures emerged in a report published by the website which looked at common treatment fees charged by more than 12,000 private dentists across the UK. It found the average price of a UK dental consultation was £36, but this can vary by as much as £110 depending on location.

Liverpool proved cheapest for teeth whitening (£205), Glasgow offered the lowest priced root canals (£158) and Birmingham provided the cheapest veneers (£333).

The General Dental Council advises that there are no official guidelines for what a private dentist can charge but they must make fees clear to patients and agree costs before carrying out treatment.

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